Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Capricorn: Someone quietly needs you.

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

OK Capricorn.

The Sage is someone who is book smart, life smart, street smart, a well rounded kind of smart.  The kind of smart that has been around the block and has learned from mistakes.  It's a hard won kind of wisdom.  This is someone who is grounded, patient, who knows that all good things come in time and with commitment and loyalty to the cause.  He has learned the difference between what he needs versus what he wants and he tries not to want, you know what I mean?  He is kind of an introvert, he likes his own company.  I feel like this is someone has really learned to live without what they want.  SO this is someone who wanted love but never met anyone where a relationship formed.  Or this is someone who knew had beautiful dreams that maybe never made it into reality.  This is someone who knows what loss is and so they are thankful and grateful for the little things.  Like they don't ask you for big love, they are content with an occasional hello.

The Schizophrenia card came in reversed so that tells me that someone has been dealing with some rough inner mental battles.  I feel like The Sage has experience with dealing with anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, sadness, all those emotions that make it hard to be a human being.  OK Capi so you may be the strong rock and anchor that someone needs right now.  Or you've been dealing with some hard inner stuff and relief is coming in the form of a very grounded and contained person.  If that's the case then I feel like you could fall in love with this person simply because they don't ask anything of you, they genuinely have compassion and kindness for you, and they don't judge you.  This Sage person may come off like they aren't attracted back but I think it's only because "he/she" isn't used to wanting anything from anyone.  I feel like you're the Sage though and you may not be able to see that you have a very calming grounded energy for someone who struggles with being a human being.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay wants you to affirm that "Everything I need comes to me in the right time/space sequence." because she wants you to have more experiences where things unfold naturally without you having to make it happen, make it work, get it rolling, get it off the ground, that kind of struggle.
She wants you to pull in the experiences that validate that the Universe does hear you and it is moving things into position so that your needs can get met.  I feel Louise Hay wants you to make this a seed belief because she wants for you to be around people who can actually communicate what they need and why they need it.  You are in need of better communication with the people around you and with the Universe.  The Sage knows that people hide their dysfunction and that to be a human being is to be dysfunctional.  That lack of judgement allows for you to just silently know what people need from you but if they never acknowledge what they need then that means they never have to acknowledge that you helped them.  Louise Hay wants you to be in a reality where people thank you for being you.

Your clarifying cards show that all the mood swings, in you or someone, stem from feeling a deep neglect.  If The Sage is here to heal you then I do feel like this person becomes your safe place.  They bring you peace and you don't know why.  You only know that they make you feel safe.  If you are The Sage then know that someone, or even a few people, they are able to hold themselves together because they know that if they were to call you that you would come.

Love Light and Peace Caps.

Happy Thanksgiving


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