Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Libra: You Are Spiritually Mature

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

OK Libra so Gawtcha is like the Tower Card or the Karma Card.  You know how when you can see something is about to fall or break and you put your hands to your face but you watch it happen at the same time?  Like there's no way to stop it because it's an "accidental energy" kind of thing.  I feel like this is just a shock to the system and may be good and bad at the same time.  Like when you see some kind of karmic justice come back around to someone who was a jerk but you still feel bad for them that they had that happen to them...even though they deserved it.  The Ace of Maturity is telling us that something is about to manifest and it's going to shock you.  Aces are good and they represent a burst of energy that is raw enough to change the way things have been.  You might find a way to do something that you hadn't been able to do before and you're shocked that you actually made it happen.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay is coming in asking you to affirm "I am welcomed with JOY wherever I am."  This seed belief will help you to transition into the reality where you like the people that you are around and they like you.  You like being around people and they like being around you.  It's about what you bring to the table and what you have to share, not what you wish you had.  This affirmation will transition you into the reality where you understand the people around you and they understand you.  

This is beautiful Libra.  Your clarifying cards are showing that you are really trying to keep your head clear, maybe a little too much trying to manifest with the thoughts and not with the heart.  I see the heart taking over though so I suggest that you tune into what your heart is feeling and create affirmations that will put words to what your heart is wanting to experience.  You want emotional and mental maturity.  You want high level people.  You want to have so much love in you that you are able to be around the people who are emotionally shut down and not on your frequency.  You want to enjoy being you and you want to enjoy the people around you.

I will say this much too is that whatever this "out of the blue" thing is you will handle it with grace and dignity and humility because your example is strong and people learn from watching you handle yourself on a daily basis.  When you handle unkindness with kindness, when you handle anger with patience, when you handle 3D life with 5D vibrations, people notice and they get activated.
You are seen.

Happy Thanksgiving Libra.


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