Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Gemini: Do It For You

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

There's a lot of angelic energy here with you and I feel like you've been working with a situation that isn't really working with you.  It's like you had to get to the point where you were hurt enough or angry enough to be able to tell yourself that you aren't imagining that something is off track.  The Singer of Courage is coming in to soften the anger/hurt and bring in a fresh energy of courage, setting a new set of rules, wiping the slate clean and starting over (possibly alone), and your angels are bringing your focus to what you can change rather then looking at what went wrong.  Obviously because you are a lightworker you know that everything has a multi-layered vibe to it but the angels are only wanting you to acknowledge that you wouldn't be feeling this way if everything was truly fine.  Something hasn't been fine for a while and it's a very intuitive thing for you.  I feel like you're letting your actions speak for you because you are focusing on being the change that you want to see in your life.  

Ascended Master Louise Hay is telling you to affirm, "I let the light of my love shine" and she wants you to keep your focus to creating the consciousness that creates the reality where you have so much infinite supply streaming through you that it doesn't matter who doesn't give to you.  Like you're not trying to tell people how to be or confront them on what you think is wrong with them.  You're not even trying to have any awkward conversations.  What you're trying to do is just be an adult, friendly, positive vibes, own that your feelings are your's to shift and change and evolve.... and let people see that you are seriously being the best you that you can be because you have a lot of love and light to give and 

Your Thanksgiving Blessing from the Universe is that the more you focus on yourself and what you can change in your own life, and the more you work on your master plan and your life goals, the more you will have to give to yourself rather then being drained by people who cannot keep up with you.
Gemini you have a lot of good things to manifest into this world.
Do It for you.
Create a Life that you enjoy.


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