Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Golden Solar Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

This is healthy healed and healing masculine energy.  If you have been wounded by a weak dysfunctional distorted version of what Divine Masculine energy is supposed to be and what it is supposed to stand for then healing is here for you with the Golden Solar Dragons.

I can identify with this.
Usually the healing means that you become more aware of the positive light side of masculine energy in the world around you.  You may start stumbling across different kinds of awesome human beings who happen to be men on the internet- Youtube channels, social media networks, authors, actors, professionals- just really amazing human beings who happen to be men.  Watching and observing these kinds of people can have a healing effect because they show you something different from what you have known.  Boy Bands, all male groups, these kinds of things may start really popping up around you so be aware of it. 

These dragons are from the SUN!  Wow.  Life givers.  Archangel Metatron is connected to them and Metatron is all about chakra clearing, hanging out in the higher consciousness love and light, clearing out whatever has been draining you or blocking your life force from being strong and vibrant.  This Solar Light energy infuses us with courage, strength, logic, leadership, and other peaceful warrior qualities.  You start to really know what you stand for and what you will stand your ground for.

This dragon is a sign that you need to start getting comfortable with being more of a leader.  Standing in your confidence, self esteem, and integrity.  People need your strength and what you provide.  What is it that you provide?
Who is it that you protect?
Who feels safe with you?

Like it says on the card there is DNA healing and activation with this solar energy.  Trauma resulting from weak dysfunctional masculine energy can be released if you allow the Solar Dragons, or Archangel Metatron, to come and place that Solar Light into your chakras.  Try it for a week.  Ask them to do that for a week and see what happens.

You may have been harmed because a weak dysfunctional shadow masculine figure dropped the ball on protecting you, making a safe place for you, and providing for you what it was you actually needed.  Think of the dad who lets the mother abuse the kids or the dad who abuses everyone or negelcts his duties to the family.  This shadow man made life worse instead of better.  The feelings and grief associated with this are ready to be released on a very deep energy level.

For me, I found masculine healing from BTS and One Direction, from church missionaries, and male therapists and doctors and lawyers who all helped me take down the one shadow man in life who was my ex husband.  I have yet to find it in a romantic interest but I'm not ruling that out.

Scorpio there are more good then bad out there.
Bring in that Solar Light straight from the Sun.
Let Archangel Metatron be a guide.

Whatever you are Be a good one.


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