Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Sagittarius: Blue Dragon From The Pleiades

Dragon Oracle Cards

OK Sag so you had the amazing Thor Dragons come out but since we had this card come out for one of the other signs I pulled another just so that we had some fresh energy.

Thor's Dragons come in, with Archangel Gabriel's Divine White Light Flames, to get some blocks out the way, finally!  These one come in when other stuff hasn't been working.  It's like when someone is just working on something and they are running out of time and you just need to start speeding things up.  That's what Thor's Dragons do, they speed it up as that we can get to work.
They bring the lightening and the thunder because something needs to change.  It's been needing to change for a while.  It's got a little bit of The Tower energy to it.  The Tower, in tarot, comes in with the reality checks, the information that comes to light, the words spoken that you can't take back.  You gotta own this sh--.  If it's you sh-- then own it.  If it's not your sh-- then tell that person, "Get your sh-- and get the f--k out."

Then we've got this very rough energy followed by the soothing healing calming restoring energy of the Blue Dragons From The Pleiades.  This star energy is all about the absorbing of stress and keeping things peaceful.  Source is bringing in the healing because Thor's Dragons have unstuck something that was perfectly happy to be living out in the darkness, in the shadows, in the conversations that needed to happen but never did, in the plans that were made but never followed through on.

The Blue Dragons are coming in with the healing.  They vibrate with the Christ Light energy so they are bringing in that heart healing, heart activation, love activation, love heals all wounds.  They bring in angelic energy.  Their healing symbol is a blue rose.  Visualize a blue rose being placed inside of your heart chakra.  A Mother Mary blue light rose.  Let it heal you.  Let Source love you.

I don't know what happened that the Thor Dragons needed to come in and kick some a-- but apparently you need to take some time and get your heart space back to beating regularly again.  Blue Dragons tell me that you have a wounded healer kind of energy too so this emotional wound that you're receiving healing for, one day you will turn around and give love, light, hope, and encouragement to those who are destined to go through the same fire that you had to walk through.

This card combo could also mean that you are in need of some loving energy that you can trust because you've been through some tough stuff and the Universe is going to be sending you a healer.  A healer who can mend your emotional energy.


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