Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Aquarius: Air Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards

Air brings freshness. Fresh ideas, fresh thinking, and fresh honest and clear communication are all things that the air dragons bring.
Having an open mind is a good thing.  So is being able to know what your truth is and speak it.  Breathing exercises would be a good way to ground and balance yourself.  

Air Dragons help to lighten a mood or thought.  They help you to rise above whatever thoughts or feelings you have been stuck in.

This card highlights that you may have a communication issue that needs to be addressed.  The Air Dragons can help you with releasing any communication obstacles around speaking about your life purpose and the things you need in order to fulfill your mission.

This card signals that you have some important conversations that need to happen.  Stop bottling it up and use your words.  People honestly have no idea what is going on in your mind.


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