Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Capricorn: Earth and Air Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

I love the elemental dragons because they really know how to balance the elements.  So if there was too much mental energy they know how to bring in that grounding earth energy.  They know how to take the imbalances out of the elements.

These dragons breathe life force into our hopes and dreams.  The hybrids help us to kill two birds with one stone.  You may have blocks with staying inspired, encouraged, having the fire of a dream that you are excited about bringing into reality.  There may be blocks with getting what you want to actually happen.  You feel stuck not just with what you can impact but with enduring through the anxiety and insomnia.

The Earth and Air Dragons come in and clear your mind and help you to figure out what it is that you do want. They help you create vision boards, crystal grids, intentions written down, that kind of thing.  They help you receive energy from the start process.  That fresh new energy of the blank slate.  They build you up with the energy to try again.

They help you enjoy the journey and the process and being on this beautiful planet.  I feel like they inspire you to do a basic detox to help clear your physical vibration.  I feel like the basics all come back around with doing the basic things that hep to keep you all right.  Stuff like cutting out staying up way too late, getting the sleep that you need, making lists and feeling more productive as you move through it, taking the time to keep the car clean and full of gas, making sure the bills are getting paid and cutting fat where it can be cut.  I feel like you're getting your sh-- together and that makes you feel good.

You're getting back on track and it helps you think clearly.
Good for you Cap.


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