Dragon Oracle Card for Lightworker Libra: Earth Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

I love the earth dragons.  They bring so much grounded energy.  That brown energy reminds me of Saint Francis and how he was humble and kind. Earth Dragons remind me of that energy.  The black crystals on the earth dragon brings protection, clearing of negative people who bring dysfunction, they help you move through grief shadow feelings that need someone to hold a safe place for in order for healing to happen, the healing is a deep clearing.  It's wiping the dirt of other people away from your energy.

These earth dragons inspire you to get some sage and light it up and smudge the home and the car and the land.  They help you to appreciate the land and honor the land.  They are so stable.

Earth dragons showing up means that you have been dealing with some energy obstacles that you intuitively knew you could not clear by yourself.  It's like when a dysfunctional family holds onto it's dysfunction and the lightworker in it suffers for it.  Ask the earth dragons to clear the dysfunctional energy that has become rooted into the foundations of your life and relationships.

Some of your life purpose mission involves clearing environments.  Get that sage out.
Say some cleansing prayers.
Tap into your White Buffalo Calf Woman goddess guide.
 Earth Dragon says that you often wonder why your love, light, and peace hasn't grounded into the world and transformed anything yet.  It's like you are standing on energy rocks and you've got to clear those before you can drop your seeds into the energy soil.  
I see for you that the Earth Dragons are clearing those blocks out of the way.  Your seeds will drop down and they will grow.  Your physical world is going to start to shift and change.

Get ready Libra.


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