Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Taurus: Libyan Gold Tektite and Crocoite and Manifesting Sexuality

Crystal Reading Cards. Deck by Rachelle Charman

Libyan Gold Tektite comes from a meteorite so it comes from the stars and brings a different kind of vibe.  It heals the crowne chakra so whatever heals in your life, it will lead to a stronger connection to Source.  This helps you to create your life purpose because it dissolves your fears about working with ascended masters and spiritual awakening that comes from outside of the traditional ways of doing things.  It highlights a strong time of manifestation because your spiritual gifts are becoming stronger.  

Crocoite comes in to ground this high level blissed out star energy.  You might have a kundalini rush.  In order to balance out the crown chakra opening up the sacral chakra opens up along with it and clears out some of the blocks that you've have with your one-on-one relationships around you.  

OK so here's the deal: you are reaching for Source and you trigger a crown chakra awakening but what you weren't anticipating is that your lower chakras would also have to open in order to keep the life force energy balanced.  Bless the energy that comes through you.  It's a fire that feels very sexual and sensual and that is OK.

As above, so below.


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