Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Virgo: Crocoite, Cacozenite, and New Sexual Beginnings. Sounds Good Already Virgo.

Crystal Reading Cards

Crocoite brings power to the sacral chakra and all things sacral chakra related.  Basically you will feel a rush of energy with some kind of new beginning.  The fire element comes in strong with this crystal so imagine that dragons come in with this stone.  Fire Dragons, as a symbol, bring the power to unblock a very blocked block.  Think of a blow torch versus a cigarette lighter.  The blocks are being burned away.  Any wounds connected with your sexual power are being brought up so that you can embrace a deeper self love.  Crocoite helps spiritual people to get more comfortable with their physical selves.  

OK so lets talk about sex for a minute.  Sexual intimacy is a beautiful thing.  This stone will help you to get clear about what kind of relationship rules that you need in order to feel safe enough to have sexual intimacy.  You have to get really clear with yourself, so that you can be clear with others, about what it takes to get you into bed.  OR you need to have more clarity with what your partner needs.  

I know a lot of people who need a drink in order to relax enough to just be naked in front of their established partner.  Spend some time thinking about how to move past something like that.  Give yourself some sexual confidence goals to get you out of your comfort zone.  

For the other lightworkers who don't have any kind of sex life then this is saying that your block has to do with a sacral chakra issue, and it may seem unrelated too.  You're like, "I just want to manifest a new car.  How do I need to have flowing sexual energy for that?" Well pleasure of the earth realm is connected to the sacral.  A new car, house, relationship, job, or beginning is going to connect with pleasure and if you can't connect with pleasure as an energy then that could be blocking you.

Sexuality also has to do with identity and you may need to spend some time building your confidence with being more open about your spiritual identity, your personal identity, your true self versus the person that everyone wants you to be.  I see this happen a lot with moms, they get tired of being identified as "mom" and they fight to be identified as someone with a name.

Cacoxenite empowers the solar plexus chakra and all the confidence issues that were being affected by the block in the sacral.  You're building to some kind of new beginning.  You're making up your mind about something.  You've decided that you're going to give the Universe your personal order because you're tired of asking for "this" and some mediocre bullsh-- shows up instead.  Your confidence is catching fire and your ready to say, "This is what I want because I want it."  How Aries of you.  

By declaring it with confidence it means that some sacral chakra stuff needs to be rearranged.

Have fun with it Virgo.


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