Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Gemini: Stibnite, Calcite, and Conflict

Crystal Reading Cards

Stibnite activates the crown and the root chakras for a real "as above, so below" experience.  It's time for looking at the conflict energy around you or that you have been keeping to yourself.  The whole point of Stibnites healing is to help you have the courage to look at what the conflict really is and then move through the energy block into a new way of viewing the entire situation.  Conflict is a sign that we need to take responsibility for the part we played.  We need to own that we have to be the change that we want to see.  For example, if you haven't spoken to the person you are having issues with then how are they supposed to know what is wrong?  How are they supposed to know what you are feeling?  If someone has broken some boundary with you how are they supposed to know the rules matter if you never stick to the rules?  If you sometimes let things slid and then sometimes hold people accountable how are they supposed to give you consistency?

What can you affirm to yourself that will raise your consciousness to the next level where the answers are?  You can't change an old problem with old consciousness.

Calcite comes in saying that you'll find your solutions when you are in your calm states.  You shouldn't try to tackle something if you are stressed and frustrated.  Give yourself the time you need to recharge your own batteries before you try and handle this situation.

Whatever is relaxing for you, do more of that until you feel like you're in the flow to say what you need to say or do what you need to do.


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