11/1/18 All Saints Day Reading: Card 3 St. Francis Of Assisi and Keeping It Simple By Being Who You Are

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

Francesco was born into a wealthy Italian family but after becoming a disillusioned soldier he started to have a very clear intimate connection to God (Source) and found real lasting peace by embracing a life of extreme simplicity which lead to an abundance of the quality of humility.  

On a sidenote, I have met a couple of people in my life who were genuinely humble souls and they had a profound effect on me.  Whenever I was around these people, the few moments that I would be, I saw more clearly all my inner defensiveness that were born from being around toxic and dysfunctional people.  When I was standing in the energy of real humility I saw that it was a very pure kind of kindness.  Like Unicorn level purity.  And I found that when they would say something nice about me, their words had a way of shooting straight into my heart and I would hear their words in my mind for days and days.  That was the power of their word.
There's a tenderness to it that just can't be defined.  I understood better that humble people had a lightness of being because humility has a way of always enjoying what is good about the present moment.

OK back to Saint Francis.  He is a fan favorite and his energy was extremely strong.  To be in his presence meant that an energy clearing was going to happen to you.  Even animals and nature responded to his energy.  Having studied him for a long time I came to see that part of his power was to look at every person as if they were the teachers, they were the wise ones, and they were there to help him in some way, even though no one else felt that way.  I would also say that he really did walk his talk and that is why people tried to be like him.  He was never ordained a monk and yet the Franciscan Monks are some of the most recognizable spiritual people in the world. I would even say that the archetype of Monk resembles what Saint Francis looked like.  His simple brown habit is famous. 

I would say that in this case, in this moment, that his card coming up means that when you get around the right kinds of people, meaning when you start finding your cosmic tribe then you start to become the real you.  The real you holds all the power but you may have been looking for the real you for a long time now.  I feel like Saint Francis showing up means that you are going to let your guard down and let people see you for who you are. 

Saint Francis helps us shake off the inner bullshit so that we can be who we are and who we were meant to be.
You were not an accident
You are precious
and you will be fine.


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