11/1/18 All Saints Day Reading #4 Saint Sebastian and the Holy Confrontation That You Didn't Want But Oh Well Now It's On

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

Saint Sebastian lived during a time when Christians were persecuted so he had to hide his faith.  Basically he was like a police officer who arrested the Christians but then would sneak into the jail and take care of the prisoner in secret.  Eventually he was discovered, as everything does tend to come to the light, and he was tied to a tree and shot full of arrows.  They shot so many arrows into him that they assumed he was dead because he should have been dead however a woman came to give him a burial and he was still alive.  After he recovered he went and confronted the leader who had tried to have him executed.  He told the leader some truth about his wickedness and the leader had Saint Sebastian clubbed to death and thrown into a sewer.  Another woman came and found his body and buried him.

This card brings us to the end of the 4 card series and it really ends with a bang.  In card 1 we have Saint Jude lending us the energy and strength we need to get through the hard time that we were struggling with.  In card 2 we had Saint Martin coming in and helping us to leave the people who are not our tribe.  He guides us to connect with the people who will awakened our soul power and helps us to be in the right place at the right time with the right people.  Card 3 shows Saint Francis helping us to get really simple with everything.  He helps us to have the humility to make it more simple to be alive.  In making things more simple and honest we get our energy back and find our inner power increasing.  And here we have Saint Sebastian saying that we have finally cultivated the strength that we need to come clean with the people that we felt we had to "stay in a closet" for.  We're no longer keeping other peoples secrets.  We aren't playing the game anymore.  We are ready for a confrontation and we are ready to let go of those who can't accept us as we are.  

Amen to that.


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