11/1/18 All Saints Day Card #1: Saint Jude: If You Needed An Anchor It Is Coming

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

Today is All Saints Day so lets pull some saint cards.
I personally love the saints.

Saint Jude is the patron saint of the hopeless and he was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus of Nazareth.  The key words on his card are "Saving Grace" and I know that when people feel like they really need a miracle (because things have been getting worse in spite of all the prayers and good karma) that they turn to Saint Jude.  

I suppose the thing to remember is that in order to become spiritually refined the human experience must go through some dark bullshit.  The saints don't generally take the pain, the lesson, or the bullshit away and in their human lives they went through suffering more then the average person.  They can bring blessings that will help us to endure, be patient, find forgiveness, and offer charity even when we are going through our own poverty.  And then every once in a while you do get some kind of a burden being lifted but honestly I don't even count on that anymore.  I do know that when you call on them, they do hear you and they do answer.

Since Saint Jude came up first in our 4 part saint series today I would say that he is doing the hard part of bringing the most light to break through the toughest parts of our resistance to whatever is going on.  Like a capricorn, Saint Jude brings the energy required to get work done.  

Looking at the card I see the moon in different phases all around him so that tells me that manifestation of a breakthrough can't be easily identified.  It's hard to tell what part of the cycle you are in and it may feel like you are going through everything at once.  Letting go, grief and depression, at the same time some new beginnings are happening, some good things are happening,  and it may feel very emotional within you to the point that you feel like you need an anchor.  I see someone wrapped in Saint Jude's energy as he holds onto his faith and his spiritual connection to Source even as it is a dark night of the soul.

I want to say that we will be OK.  We just have to hang in there and take one day at a time and breathe.  Keep praying the prayers and know that you are being heard.  


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