Thursday, November 29, 2018

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Virgo: Crocoite, Cacozenite, and New Sexual Beginnings. Sounds Good Already Virgo.

Crystal Reading Cards

Crocoite brings power to the sacral chakra and all things sacral chakra related.  Basically you will feel a rush of energy with some kind of new beginning.  The fire element comes in strong with this crystal so imagine that dragons come in with this stone.  Fire Dragons, as a symbol, bring the power to unblock a very blocked block.  Think of a blow torch versus a cigarette lighter.  The blocks are being burned away.  Any wounds connected with your sexual power are being brought up so that you can embrace a deeper self love.  Crocoite helps spiritual people to get more comfortable with their physical selves.  

OK so lets talk about sex for a minute.  Sexual intimacy is a beautiful thing.  This stone will help you to get clear about what kind of relationship rules that you need in order to feel safe enough to have sexual intimacy.  You have to get really clear with yourself, so that you can be clear with others, about what it takes to get you into bed.  OR you need to have more clarity with what your partner needs.  

I know a lot of people who need a drink in order to relax enough to just be naked in front of their established partner.  Spend some time thinking about how to move past something like that.  Give yourself some sexual confidence goals to get you out of your comfort zone.  

For the other lightworkers who don't have any kind of sex life then this is saying that your block has to do with a sacral chakra issue, and it may seem unrelated too.  You're like, "I just want to manifest a new car.  How do I need to have flowing sexual energy for that?" Well pleasure of the earth realm is connected to the sacral.  A new car, house, relationship, job, or beginning is going to connect with pleasure and if you can't connect with pleasure as an energy then that could be blocking you.

Sexuality also has to do with identity and you may need to spend some time building your confidence with being more open about your spiritual identity, your personal identity, your true self versus the person that everyone wants you to be.  I see this happen a lot with moms, they get tired of being identified as "mom" and they fight to be identified as someone with a name.

Cacoxenite empowers the solar plexus chakra and all the confidence issues that were being affected by the block in the sacral.  You're building to some kind of new beginning.  You're making up your mind about something.  You've decided that you're going to give the Universe your personal order because you're tired of asking for "this" and some mediocre bullsh-- shows up instead.  Your confidence is catching fire and your ready to say, "This is what I want because I want it."  How Aries of you.  

By declaring it with confidence it means that some sacral chakra stuff needs to be rearranged.

Have fun with it Virgo.

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Leo: Labradorite and Clear Quartz with Taking Action To Purify

Crystal Reading Cards

Labradorite comes in to clear and activate the brow and crown chakra.  The keyword on the card is Take Action though and the upper chakras usually are about being not doing however with Clear Quartz coming in with purification it seems that you are being advised to start a cleansing routine in order to connect more strongly with very clear intuitive guidance so that you can confidently make any changes that need to be made.

Labradorite is all about moving forward as effortlessly as possible and doing so in right action.  It also helps us to understand that whatever it is we are wanting it can only manifest with a combined effort of co-creation from the Universe and you taking the steps that you need to take to make sure things keep moving forward.

I feel like Labradorite is trying to clear out the idea that Source needs to hand everything to us on a platter.  Effortlessly being in the flow means that one door opens after another but you have to make the decision to walk through it.

So how do I purify my own energy?  I listen to Buddhist mantras and sometimes I listen to Christian monks chant.  Anything can go from ordinary to sacred.  If you can tap into it as it's going to sacred then you'll be purified.  

Good Luck My Divine Leo Friends.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Cancer: Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian , and Courage

Crystal Reading Cards

Your sacral and solar plexus chakras are needing some love, light, and peace.  You may be holding some stress in these areas and it would show up in your life as caring more about how other people are feeling, holding back from connection because you are holding back what you feel and what you want to do.  Instead of being a Peaceful Warrior for yourself you are more comfortable being the Peaceful Warrior for other people.  We need some re-established self respect here.

Black Obsidian is coming in with the energy of positive anger to break through the stalemate.  Obsidian is lava so it helps you to find an outlet before the energy gets too pent up and explodes in misplaced anger.  It also dispels negative energy and psychic attack.  My feeling is that you are reacting to something that you are psychically picking up and that it is why it is a hard thing to confront.  If you are getting weird vibes from someone but they are choosing to tell you that everything is fine then you may be reacting to the conflict of your intuition telling you one thing and your life telling you something else.

I would say that Tiger Eye will assist you with holding onto the experience that you are affirming and if you are affirming that you are perfect, whole, and complete then hold your ground with that and that is what will manifest for you in whatever way it is perfect for you to experience that.

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Gemini: Stibnite, Calcite, and Conflict

Crystal Reading Cards

Stibnite activates the crown and the root chakras for a real "as above, so below" experience.  It's time for looking at the conflict energy around you or that you have been keeping to yourself.  The whole point of Stibnites healing is to help you have the courage to look at what the conflict really is and then move through the energy block into a new way of viewing the entire situation.  Conflict is a sign that we need to take responsibility for the part we played.  We need to own that we have to be the change that we want to see.  For example, if you haven't spoken to the person you are having issues with then how are they supposed to know what is wrong?  How are they supposed to know what you are feeling?  If someone has broken some boundary with you how are they supposed to know the rules matter if you never stick to the rules?  If you sometimes let things slid and then sometimes hold people accountable how are they supposed to give you consistency?

What can you affirm to yourself that will raise your consciousness to the next level where the answers are?  You can't change an old problem with old consciousness.

Calcite comes in saying that you'll find your solutions when you are in your calm states.  You shouldn't try to tackle something if you are stressed and frustrated.  Give yourself the time you need to recharge your own batteries before you try and handle this situation.

Whatever is relaxing for you, do more of that until you feel like you're in the flow to say what you need to say or do what you need to do.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Taurus: Libyan Gold Tektite and Crocoite and Manifesting Sexuality

Crystal Reading Cards. Deck by Rachelle Charman

Libyan Gold Tektite comes from a meteorite so it comes from the stars and brings a different kind of vibe.  It heals the crowne chakra so whatever heals in your life, it will lead to a stronger connection to Source.  This helps you to create your life purpose because it dissolves your fears about working with ascended masters and spiritual awakening that comes from outside of the traditional ways of doing things.  It highlights a strong time of manifestation because your spiritual gifts are becoming stronger.  

Crocoite comes in to ground this high level blissed out star energy.  You might have a kundalini rush.  In order to balance out the crown chakra opening up the sacral chakra opens up along with it and clears out some of the blocks that you've have with your one-on-one relationships around you.  

OK so here's the deal: you are reaching for Source and you trigger a crown chakra awakening but what you weren't anticipating is that your lower chakras would also have to open in order to keep the life force energy balanced.  Bless the energy that comes through you.  It's a fire that feels very sexual and sensual and that is OK.

As above, so below.

Crystal Reading Card for Lightworker Aries: Tanzanite, Prehnite and Clarity with Trust

Crystal Reading Cards. Deck by Rachelle Charman
 Tanzanite, Prehnite and Clarity with Trust

This is brow chakra healing energy Aries.  You're trying to see something more clearly like how to make more money or see through to the truth of who people are and what they are doing in your life.  You're asking God questions whether you know it or not.  You want some answers.

Tanzanite comes as a crystal Divine Friend who is helping you to see things as they are, not as you want then to be or in any other kind of distorted way.  Very basically you are about to see something as it is, with your soul eyes, with your heart, with your mind, and it's going to give you a sense of control.

Prehnite wants to open your heart so that you ain't got nothing but love, babe, eight days a week.  You want to trust but you know that your own desires can cloud the vision and you're too enlightened to not call your own self out on that.

So you want to trust love and the power of soulmates and "Once upon a time there was an aries who was a lightworker and "he/she" went through some bullsh-- and then he/she lived happily every after."  You know that isn't how it necessarily works in physical life on the planet Earth.

OK so at the core you want something that you can trust all the time like how reiki healers trust that reiki is real.  Like how tarot readers trust their decks and astrologers trust their charts and crystal healers trust their crystals.

Going back to Tanzanite, you can trust the clarity of being able to see that if something walks like a duck and looks like a duck then it's probably a duck.  You can trust your soul eyes to focus in on what you need to know and what you need to see.

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Pisces: Dark Blue Galactic Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards

This is cosmic energy coming in.  It's like a major arcana card in the tarot, not a minor.  It's one of four 9 level vibration cards in the deck so it is a rare.  This like joy, love, light, and wisdom in it's pure essence form.  It's like the dragon has seeds of 9th dimensional light and he's about to drop some of this into your consciousness so that you can grow a new belief system that will not only shift your life but change your life.

Your celestial energy is about to triggered and activated.  For some of you it's going to be because a karmic cycle is done.  Some sh-- is done!

This card means that ascended masters and buddhas are open to hearing you right now so make sure that you take some time to offer up some prayers and love offerings to the Universe.  Ask God for something big like peace on earth and enlightenment for all of humanity.  Underneath this card was the Source Dragon so this definitely means that Source is hearing you.  God does know your name.  If you have been working on bringing in a new kind of consciousness so that you can have success with the Law of Attraction then this is a very good sign.  

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Aquarius: Air Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards

Air brings freshness. Fresh ideas, fresh thinking, and fresh honest and clear communication are all things that the air dragons bring.
Having an open mind is a good thing.  So is being able to know what your truth is and speak it.  Breathing exercises would be a good way to ground and balance yourself.  

Air Dragons help to lighten a mood or thought.  They help you to rise above whatever thoughts or feelings you have been stuck in.

This card highlights that you may have a communication issue that needs to be addressed.  The Air Dragons can help you with releasing any communication obstacles around speaking about your life purpose and the things you need in order to fulfill your mission.

This card signals that you have some important conversations that need to happen.  Stop bottling it up and use your words.  People honestly have no idea what is going on in your mind.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Capricorn: Earth and Air Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

I love the elemental dragons because they really know how to balance the elements.  So if there was too much mental energy they know how to bring in that grounding earth energy.  They know how to take the imbalances out of the elements.

These dragons breathe life force into our hopes and dreams.  The hybrids help us to kill two birds with one stone.  You may have blocks with staying inspired, encouraged, having the fire of a dream that you are excited about bringing into reality.  There may be blocks with getting what you want to actually happen.  You feel stuck not just with what you can impact but with enduring through the anxiety and insomnia.

The Earth and Air Dragons come in and clear your mind and help you to figure out what it is that you do want. They help you create vision boards, crystal grids, intentions written down, that kind of thing.  They help you receive energy from the start process.  That fresh new energy of the blank slate.  They build you up with the energy to try again.

They help you enjoy the journey and the process and being on this beautiful planet.  I feel like they inspire you to do a basic detox to help clear your physical vibration.  I feel like the basics all come back around with doing the basic things that hep to keep you all right.  Stuff like cutting out staying up way too late, getting the sleep that you need, making lists and feeling more productive as you move through it, taking the time to keep the car clean and full of gas, making sure the bills are getting paid and cutting fat where it can be cut.  I feel like you're getting your sh-- together and that makes you feel good.

You're getting back on track and it helps you think clearly.
Good for you Cap.

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Sagittarius: Blue Dragon From The Pleiades

Dragon Oracle Cards

OK Sag so you had the amazing Thor Dragons come out but since we had this card come out for one of the other signs I pulled another just so that we had some fresh energy.

Thor's Dragons come in, with Archangel Gabriel's Divine White Light Flames, to get some blocks out the way, finally!  These one come in when other stuff hasn't been working.  It's like when someone is just working on something and they are running out of time and you just need to start speeding things up.  That's what Thor's Dragons do, they speed it up as that we can get to work.
They bring the lightening and the thunder because something needs to change.  It's been needing to change for a while.  It's got a little bit of The Tower energy to it.  The Tower, in tarot, comes in with the reality checks, the information that comes to light, the words spoken that you can't take back.  You gotta own this sh--.  If it's you sh-- then own it.  If it's not your sh-- then tell that person, "Get your sh-- and get the f--k out."

Then we've got this very rough energy followed by the soothing healing calming restoring energy of the Blue Dragons From The Pleiades.  This star energy is all about the absorbing of stress and keeping things peaceful.  Source is bringing in the healing because Thor's Dragons have unstuck something that was perfectly happy to be living out in the darkness, in the shadows, in the conversations that needed to happen but never did, in the plans that were made but never followed through on.

The Blue Dragons are coming in with the healing.  They vibrate with the Christ Light energy so they are bringing in that heart healing, heart activation, love activation, love heals all wounds.  They bring in angelic energy.  Their healing symbol is a blue rose.  Visualize a blue rose being placed inside of your heart chakra.  A Mother Mary blue light rose.  Let it heal you.  Let Source love you.

I don't know what happened that the Thor Dragons needed to come in and kick some a-- but apparently you need to take some time and get your heart space back to beating regularly again.  Blue Dragons tell me that you have a wounded healer kind of energy too so this emotional wound that you're receiving healing for, one day you will turn around and give love, light, hope, and encouragement to those who are destined to go through the same fire that you had to walk through.

This card combo could also mean that you are in need of some loving energy that you can trust because you've been through some tough stuff and the Universe is going to be sending you a healer.  A healer who can mend your emotional energy.

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Golden Solar Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

This is healthy healed and healing masculine energy.  If you have been wounded by a weak dysfunctional distorted version of what Divine Masculine energy is supposed to be and what it is supposed to stand for then healing is here for you with the Golden Solar Dragons.

I can identify with this.
Usually the healing means that you become more aware of the positive light side of masculine energy in the world around you.  You may start stumbling across different kinds of awesome human beings who happen to be men on the internet- Youtube channels, social media networks, authors, actors, professionals- just really amazing human beings who happen to be men.  Watching and observing these kinds of people can have a healing effect because they show you something different from what you have known.  Boy Bands, all male groups, these kinds of things may start really popping up around you so be aware of it. 

These dragons are from the SUN!  Wow.  Life givers.  Archangel Metatron is connected to them and Metatron is all about chakra clearing, hanging out in the higher consciousness love and light, clearing out whatever has been draining you or blocking your life force from being strong and vibrant.  This Solar Light energy infuses us with courage, strength, logic, leadership, and other peaceful warrior qualities.  You start to really know what you stand for and what you will stand your ground for.

This dragon is a sign that you need to start getting comfortable with being more of a leader.  Standing in your confidence, self esteem, and integrity.  People need your strength and what you provide.  What is it that you provide?
Who is it that you protect?
Who feels safe with you?

Like it says on the card there is DNA healing and activation with this solar energy.  Trauma resulting from weak dysfunctional masculine energy can be released if you allow the Solar Dragons, or Archangel Metatron, to come and place that Solar Light into your chakras.  Try it for a week.  Ask them to do that for a week and see what happens.

You may have been harmed because a weak dysfunctional shadow masculine figure dropped the ball on protecting you, making a safe place for you, and providing for you what it was you actually needed.  Think of the dad who lets the mother abuse the kids or the dad who abuses everyone or negelcts his duties to the family.  This shadow man made life worse instead of better.  The feelings and grief associated with this are ready to be released on a very deep energy level.

For me, I found masculine healing from BTS and One Direction, from church missionaries, and male therapists and doctors and lawyers who all helped me take down the one shadow man in life who was my ex husband.  I have yet to find it in a romantic interest but I'm not ruling that out.

Scorpio there are more good then bad out there.
Bring in that Solar Light straight from the Sun.
Let Archangel Metatron be a guide.

Whatever you are Be a good one.

Dragon Oracle Card for Lightworker Libra: Earth Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

I love the earth dragons.  They bring so much grounded energy.  That brown energy reminds me of Saint Francis and how he was humble and kind. Earth Dragons remind me of that energy.  The black crystals on the earth dragon brings protection, clearing of negative people who bring dysfunction, they help you move through grief shadow feelings that need someone to hold a safe place for in order for healing to happen, the healing is a deep clearing.  It's wiping the dirt of other people away from your energy.

These earth dragons inspire you to get some sage and light it up and smudge the home and the car and the land.  They help you to appreciate the land and honor the land.  They are so stable.

Earth dragons showing up means that you have been dealing with some energy obstacles that you intuitively knew you could not clear by yourself.  It's like when a dysfunctional family holds onto it's dysfunction and the lightworker in it suffers for it.  Ask the earth dragons to clear the dysfunctional energy that has become rooted into the foundations of your life and relationships.

Some of your life purpose mission involves clearing environments.  Get that sage out.
Say some cleansing prayers.
Tap into your White Buffalo Calf Woman goddess guide.
 Earth Dragon says that you often wonder why your love, light, and peace hasn't grounded into the world and transformed anything yet.  It's like you are standing on energy rocks and you've got to clear those before you can drop your seeds into the energy soil.  
I see for you that the Earth Dragons are clearing those blocks out of the way.  Your seeds will drop down and they will grow.  Your physical world is going to start to shift and change.

Get ready Libra.

Dragon Card Oracle Message for Lightworker Virgo: Green Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards

I love the nature dragons.  I love the green.  He's got a key, an answer to a question that you will find if you take some time to meditate outside.  Connect to the earth.  Get grounded with nature and the blessed animals.  Be around people who care about the planet and environment. Become one of those people!

Any answer that you are looking for can be found in nature.

Everything that you need can be provided for with natural things.
If you need love go and hug a dog or a tree.  If you want freedom go for a walk.  If you want health, get fresh air.  Bring nature inside with some potted plants and flowers.  Let the crystals and the flowers and the essential oils bring you into a higher vibration of wellness.

Green dragons activate the 5D blueprint in our energy fields.  It can unblock the energy blocks.

Sometimes slowing down with nature gives us the energy we need for when we have to speed up in life.

The answer is simple Virgo.
Go find a tree like a Buddha and meditate for a while.
Reconnect with yourself and this world.
Let the elements become balanced within and bring you healing.

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Leo: Golden Christed Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards

Normally in my meditations I absorb the Medicine Buddha light but today I'm going to consciously absorb Christed Light.
Christ Light, Christ Love, Holy Spirit Love and Light, God Love AND Light, it's what feeds your spirit, your soul.
Is your spirit hungry for something that isn't in this world?  Luckily every one has a connection to Source that is always providing that Spiritual Love And Light that our Spirits and Souls need.

These dragons have huge golden energy fields.  Christ Light is from a ninth level dimension and even though this dragons are comfortable in a 5 dimensional energy they can reach all the way up the ninth and channeling it into the "very much lower realms" where we spend our daily consciousness.  For some reason they come to us around days of celebration, I guess because all the positive energy attracts them.  They also bring that Christ protection so that we can stay at 5th level in a 3D situation.

Christ Energy is that gold of unconditional love.  In order to get to that unconditional love we have to pass over from grudges to forgiveness, from sloppy living to sobriety and recovery, from isolation and "I need my space and I need this and I need that." to "I've got something to share and I would like to share it with you."

This is beautiful because should you call out for it you can be surrounded by some very beautiful Source Love golden energy.  They enable you to figure out what exactly is the heart power that you generate.  You have a message from the heart for someone and the Christ Dragons are opening your heart with gold love so that you can give that message.

These golden Christ dragons bring so much bliss that they activate your lightworker talents and gifts.  Whatever is good about you is about to become refined and become great.  If you were good at being calm then you're going to become great at being peace.

These dragons bring an energy that loves to share and connect.
If you have been shut down from the sharing and connecting with humanity then let this golden energy heal that.

Good luck Leo.
Have fun being you.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Cancer: Pure White Dragon From Orion

Dragon Oracle Cards

This dragon's wings are the force of light that it radiates.  It looks like one of those Buddhas with all the different arms.  Lots of stuff happening all at once on all kinds of different levels.  Big stuff.  Wings of Light.  Wow.

This dragon brings a very high wisdom.  She helps us use both sides of the brain.  If you've been imbalanced with the brain frequency then this dragon energy brings harmony to the mind.  She helps you understand.  You finally get to understand why your brain won't shut off.

The white light from this level of dragon brings clarity, purity, and enlightenment.  Archangel Gabriel, unicorn level purity of essence, and the Great White Brotherhood all come through this vibration.
Source light becomes diamond white light which causes us to step up into our integrity, dignity, and honor.

The reason why you got this card is because you are wise enough to know better.  Take the issue or the energy block and look at it from a place of integrity and high self love.  If someone refuses to give you the respect that you deserve you may finally see that it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.  If people don't want to be inspired by your example it isn't because you haven't done a good job being the best person that you can be.

You are able to do the right thing and take right action because you are the kind of lightworker who believes in honor, integrity, and the Divine Virtues of Source as they come through the personality of the human being.  I feel like this dragon has come because you've been working hard on being good.  You are good and it is enough.
If someone else won't admit it, that has nothing to do with you.
God sees and God knows.

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Gemini: Black Dragon From Saturn

Dragon Oracle Cards

It's time to get organized Lightworker Gems.  Black Dragons come in when we need to pull our scattered and fragmented selves together so that we can get some work done.  This is a dragon that comes to balance out and empower the feminine energy.  Sometimes people get locked into a masculine energy loop where they look busy but they aren't actually moving anything forward.  They aren't having breakthroughs or revelations.  It's because there hasn't been enough black void womb-like feminine space.  

These dragons are under the management of Archangel Gabriel, who comes in as a pure white light, so that shows the balancing of extreme energies. These dragons also bring the violet flame so they can burn away distracting thoughts and beliefs that take you away from what you should be focusing on.

Basically you seem to be needing extra energetic support for focus and concentration.  This is about creating a plan, sticking with the plan, having commitment to the goal.  

This dragon does bring in angelic energies so any blocks that you have been having with your spiritual connection are being dissolved away.  You should start seeing clear signs from your angels and ascended master guides that will give you the motivation to get grounded and bring your power into the present moment.

Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Taurus: Thor's Red, Black, and Gold Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards

I love this card because it means your patience has run out and you are ready to make some moves.

This dragon falls under the mastery energy of Archangel Gabriel, who sends them when there is a need for an energy block to be cleared immediately.

Basically this card means you are ready to change a situation, circumstance, or relationship.  You have earned the right to receive the support of the Universe so go ahead and ask for an army of Thor's dragons to bring the lightening and the thunder.  They will clear the negative energy block and give you protection.  They will give you energy to make the actual action steps needed to change this thing.

These dragons consume dense karmic energy very rapidly.

Dragon Oracle Card for Lightworker Aries: Dusky Pink Dragon From Andromeda

Dragon Oracle Cards

As a lightworker you are supposed to be a channel of love.  The kind of love that purifies whatever it touches.  The dragon energy here is saying that your 12 chakra system is being purified to hold a higher grad of love fire.  This is the kind of love that burns through the anger, depression, hopelessness, and the trauma.  

You are ready for a higher love.
It is time for you to carry this pure pink love flame in your chakras.
As you accept this energy you become able to radiate a love energy that can dissolve blocks within other people.  They may not even know that it's coming through you.  You have that kind of effect.

This pink love flame from Andromeda can clear the blocks in your chakras.

Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Pisces: You're about to get your focus back.

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

The Retriever card is showing that one of your angels, saints, or buddhas, has been holding onto an old dream, an old hope for you.  This is something that you used to dream for, the life that you wanted to live or the goals that you gave up trying to achieve because too many things got in the way.  Retriever helps you find what you are looking for.  So there is a sense of "reality check" with this one.  An example would be like when you had fallen in love with someone but nothing happened and then you let the whole connection go and you went on with you life and then one day (for six months) you start feeling this void and you finally start to ask God to help you figure out "What is this void?" and the person you had fallen in love with shows up with a friend request on Instagram.  The point isn't that the old friend showed up out of nowhere, it's that the answer to the question was "You gave up your dream of love."  That's what the Retriever brings you, very obvious answers that you can't see because you thought you had let it all go years ago.

The Going With The Flow card is an unflow of love energy.  It's the kind of infusion of life force that heals you and restores you and makes you remember that your heart can hold love along with all the anger and the sadness and the "deadness" that you use to numb out.

These two cards together tells me that you thought you had something under control.  You had told yourself that you were fine and then you realize that you need people more then you admitted.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay wants you to affirm, "I am on the next step to my healing," because she wants you to hold this seed belief that will pull in experiences where you will be able to listen to your body's messages, your heart, and your soul.  She wants you to take responsibility for what you can change but that you haven't been trying to change.  She wants you to acknowledge that you haven't finished the healing cycle that you are in.

OK I'm looking at the clarifying cards and I see love.  A lot of love but I see you having to dumb down that love.  You may be in a dysfunctional dynamic where you've had to learn to hide what you really feel in order to protect yourself.  But I see a lot of energy closing in on you from all sides and it's going to break the gate closed over your heart to open up.  

You've been stuck in this thing where you knew that you were putting things on hold for too long.  You know that you need to work on yourself.  

I could totally see you bumping into someone from the distant past, someone who knew you way back in the day, and they remember you when you had more options in front of you.  They remember you being more alive and vibrant. I can see them asking you about your life now and "This isn't what I thought you would be doing," kind of thing.  Their words hold truth and wisdom.  You know they are saying it from love and so that's why you can't get mad at them and get hurt feelings.  They genuinely know you as a person who was meant to do things in this world.  They thought you were going to do more stuff with your life.  They cause you to realize that maybe you've been going too much with the flow and you are realizing that you need to get your focus back.  You need to get your passion back.  You need to get back to the real you.

As a lightworker you know you are here for a handful of Divine reasons and you know that you have to try.  You know that you need to take the next step in your healing.

Happy Thanksgiving Divine Fish.

Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Aquarius: Waiting In A Bubble Of Love

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

The Geeeeeooo card is all about keeping things in time with the bigger picture so that tells me that you've been wondering about time and how long you are going to have to wait for what you are waiting for.  Think of a kid who just had their amazing birthday celebration and now they can't wait for their next birthday so that they can be the center of attention again.  The Geeeeeooo card keeps us on track with manifesting in time with the highest good of not just you but for everyone involved.  

I almost feel like with the Celebration card the Universe is trying to tell you to just enjoy the ride because whatever you are waiting for is going to take a long time.  It's going to take a long time because this isn't an instant manifestation situation.  Like the healing isn't going to heal overnight.  The Universe is making sure that the process is being respected.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay wants you to affirm, "All my relationships are enveloped in a circle of love," because she wants you to start drawing in relationship experiences where there is balanced mutual respect coming from both sides.

Your clarifying cards show that something very painful and very psychically wounding happened and that's why it can't heal as fast as you are wishing it would.  This wound has happened with other people that you have past life soul ties with.  I feel like someone from a past life is the catalyst for a lot of bullsh-- to be acknowledged.  There are quite a few cards showing deep hurt so that tells me that there is a peer pressure for "everyone to just feel good and be happy already."  I almost feel like the thing that is being broken apart of the whole pattern of putting on the Happy Face and hiding what you really feel.

I feel like the Celebration card is showing that we really want to enjoy the little joys that happen during the day because something big is not going right.  Something big got off track so we are finding happiness in the small things like drinking coffee while it is hot or even a day where there is no fighting.

Someone wants respect.  I hear "My Life Matters. I matter."  Everyone wants respect.  Louise Hay's card would say that you can ask God to seal your loved ones in love.  Ask God to put an energy fence of love around you.  Work on your love boundaries while you are waiting for the season of healing to complete.

Happy Thanksgiving Aqua

Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Capricorn: Someone quietly needs you.

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

OK Capricorn.

The Sage is someone who is book smart, life smart, street smart, a well rounded kind of smart.  The kind of smart that has been around the block and has learned from mistakes.  It's a hard won kind of wisdom.  This is someone who is grounded, patient, who knows that all good things come in time and with commitment and loyalty to the cause.  He has learned the difference between what he needs versus what he wants and he tries not to want, you know what I mean?  He is kind of an introvert, he likes his own company.  I feel like this is someone has really learned to live without what they want.  SO this is someone who wanted love but never met anyone where a relationship formed.  Or this is someone who knew had beautiful dreams that maybe never made it into reality.  This is someone who knows what loss is and so they are thankful and grateful for the little things.  Like they don't ask you for big love, they are content with an occasional hello.

The Schizophrenia card came in reversed so that tells me that someone has been dealing with some rough inner mental battles.  I feel like The Sage has experience with dealing with anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, sadness, all those emotions that make it hard to be a human being.  OK Capi so you may be the strong rock and anchor that someone needs right now.  Or you've been dealing with some hard inner stuff and relief is coming in the form of a very grounded and contained person.  If that's the case then I feel like you could fall in love with this person simply because they don't ask anything of you, they genuinely have compassion and kindness for you, and they don't judge you.  This Sage person may come off like they aren't attracted back but I think it's only because "he/she" isn't used to wanting anything from anyone.  I feel like you're the Sage though and you may not be able to see that you have a very calming grounded energy for someone who struggles with being a human being.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay wants you to affirm that "Everything I need comes to me in the right time/space sequence." because she wants you to have more experiences where things unfold naturally without you having to make it happen, make it work, get it rolling, get it off the ground, that kind of struggle.
She wants you to pull in the experiences that validate that the Universe does hear you and it is moving things into position so that your needs can get met.  I feel Louise Hay wants you to make this a seed belief because she wants for you to be around people who can actually communicate what they need and why they need it.  You are in need of better communication with the people around you and with the Universe.  The Sage knows that people hide their dysfunction and that to be a human being is to be dysfunctional.  That lack of judgement allows for you to just silently know what people need from you but if they never acknowledge what they need then that means they never have to acknowledge that you helped them.  Louise Hay wants you to be in a reality where people thank you for being you.

Your clarifying cards show that all the mood swings, in you or someone, stem from feeling a deep neglect.  If The Sage is here to heal you then I do feel like this person becomes your safe place.  They bring you peace and you don't know why.  You only know that they make you feel safe.  If you are The Sage then know that someone, or even a few people, they are able to hold themselves together because they know that if they were to call you that you would come.

Love Light and Peace Caps.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Sagittarius: You have a friend who is special.

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

Sag you have a friend who is like an enlightened awakened master but they are in disguise so no one sees this person the way that you see this person.  I feel like you have, on the surface, a friend who seems different from you but the bond has been created lifetimes ago and that is why other people can't understand why you change when this friend comes into the room.  

The Friends card is about learning how to give and receive in an honest balanced way.  Freely, openly, honestly, I feel like it's hard to be around this person because their spiritual power opens you up so much as so fast.  This person enjoys your love and you enjoy this person's trustworthiness.  The Master card though shows that someone is very spiritually evolved and advanced and they have a strong magnetic quality.  I feel like this is the kind of person who gets noticed even if they stand in the corner and don't talk to anyone.  They have that high consciousness self esteem.  This is someone that prefers for people to stay about 2 feet back from them so you can be close but not too close.

Your clarifying cards are showing that this connection helps you to inhale love and exhale love.  You experience this person, they ground you, they know who they are and they respect who you are.  I feel there is a strong psychic bond here and it is very life giving and nourishing.  I feel like whoever The Master card is representing, this person has learned to not need people and there is a difference between telling yourself that you don't need anyone because no one is there VERSUS choosing not to need anything from anyone and being surrounded by people who really want to give you whatever they have.  

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay wants you to affirm that "I express my true being," because she wants you to transition into experiences where you naturally and effortlessly increase your wisdom and understanding of life.  She wants you to have more experiences where you are tapped into all the beauty of nature and the joy of breathing and being friendly with people and letting people experience who you are without being afraid.  

I feel like this master friend is coming up for a reason.  This is someone who will help you to know who your true self is, simply by being around this person.  It's effortless.  They give you life.  
You're lucky to have the good karma to be close to this master in disguise.  I hope you appreciate this connection.  Maybe it's time to let your guard down with this one or acknowledge this one.  Or vice versa.

You may feel intimidated inside about this wonderful person.  It's possible they can help you heal this wound of damaged self esteem. Love is good Sag.  Love your special friends.

Happy Thanksgiving Sag.

Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Scorpio: You Are Who You Are

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

This is so typical of Scorpio in that your cards are showing us what is wrong and how to fix it.  

OK so the answer is that you haven't been able to manifest because the block has to do with negative mother figures, a wound created from a mother or a female whose energy you have a psychic link to so it's like even if you cut the cords or don't see this person regularly their impression has been left on you deeply.

The Bright Mother card shows us that you have tried to become the mothering nurturing energy that you didn't have.  Women who know they are queens, who know their worth, who know how much their power is needed in this world are the kinds of women that you want to be around.  You want to have empowered feminine energy and you want to nurture in a way where there is healthy respect and healthy love.  I almost want to say that the only thing that will heal this old negative mother wound is a more powerful feminine energy.  The resistance here is that you are trying to be this for yourself because on a deep level you are afraid of opening up to being nurtured by a strong loving powerful feminine energy.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay wants you to affirm "I follow my inner wisdom" so that you can transition into the a reality where you can be at peace with the past, the present, and the future.  She wants you to pull in experiences where you love and trust yourself and that you can be the validation that you are seeking.  She wants you to be able to validate yourself because this old "negative woman wound" from the past can be released once you get to peace with the past.  Making peace with the people who have harmed you is the answer.

Your clarifying cards show that you really are in a deep awareness of what gives you life and what drains you.  You may find yourself coming into contact with positive masculine examples and how these positive masculine souls deal with toxic women.  I feel new kinds of mentors and teachers come to your attention and their example helps you to better protect yourself where being assertive can be done in a very healthy way.

I see that as your spiritual awareness grows you will gain in spiritual life force power.  Your energy grows and remains steady when you know who you are and what you are not.  You are not the person who abused, harmed, or neglected you.  

I see you reconnecting with nature and getting slowly grounded back into reality and the environment that you are in.  Scorpio I see you breaking away from the past on a psychic level and this allows you to start to enjoy your day to day life again.  I see you breathing deeper and being more comfortable with yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving Scorp.

Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Libra: You Are Spiritually Mature

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle

OK Libra so Gawtcha is like the Tower Card or the Karma Card.  You know how when you can see something is about to fall or break and you put your hands to your face but you watch it happen at the same time?  Like there's no way to stop it because it's an "accidental energy" kind of thing.  I feel like this is just a shock to the system and may be good and bad at the same time.  Like when you see some kind of karmic justice come back around to someone who was a jerk but you still feel bad for them that they had that happen to them...even though they deserved it.  The Ace of Maturity is telling us that something is about to manifest and it's going to shock you.  Aces are good and they represent a burst of energy that is raw enough to change the way things have been.  You might find a way to do something that you hadn't been able to do before and you're shocked that you actually made it happen.

Our ascended master goddess guide Louise Hay is coming in asking you to affirm "I am welcomed with JOY wherever I am."  This seed belief will help you to transition into the reality where you like the people that you are around and they like you.  You like being around people and they like being around you.  It's about what you bring to the table and what you have to share, not what you wish you had.  This affirmation will transition you into the reality where you understand the people around you and they understand you.  

This is beautiful Libra.  Your clarifying cards are showing that you are really trying to keep your head clear, maybe a little too much trying to manifest with the thoughts and not with the heart.  I see the heart taking over though so I suggest that you tune into what your heart is feeling and create affirmations that will put words to what your heart is wanting to experience.  You want emotional and mental maturity.  You want high level people.  You want to have so much love in you that you are able to be around the people who are emotionally shut down and not on your frequency.  You want to enjoy being you and you want to enjoy the people around you.

I will say this much too is that whatever this "out of the blue" thing is you will handle it with grace and dignity and humility because your example is strong and people learn from watching you handle yourself on a daily basis.  When you handle unkindness with kindness, when you handle anger with patience, when you handle 3D life with 5D vibrations, people notice and they get activated.
You are seen.

Happy Thanksgiving Libra.